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More about me

Starsign: Gemini

Alignment: Neutral Good

Occupation: Freelancer

Personality type: INFP

Roommates: 1

Cooking or baking: Baking

What is love: The greatest thing you'll ever learn

Favourite food: Vegetable gratin

Favourite animal: Owls and cats

Favourite color: Violet

Favourite season: Fall

Favourite weather: 21 celsius, slight wind, overcast

Favourite language: Gaelic (though i don’t know how to speak it)

Favourite hobby: Live action roleplay (LARP for short)

Short history

I have been (like most other artists will probably answer) doing "art" all my life. From painting dolls, to redecorating my bedroom walls to fingerprinting with my mothers mascara till everything was black and that doesn't even begin to describe all the stuff I did from elementary school onward. That being said I didn't start to consider art as a career until I was entering jr. high school and from that fateful fall of 2005 or so when one classmate told me I couldn't or wouldn't EVER draw well.

From that point onward I have been working with ink and watercolor, practicing character design, illustration and making some simple comics. Trying to inspire others, trying to inspire myself to keep going  and trying to get into an art school to prove to myself most of all that I CAN do this because being told year after year by teachers and friends that I should just give up because "art doesn't make a living" was not something I wanted to let slide and just prove to the neigh-sayers that they were correct all along.    


In the fall of 2017 I got accepted into IKATA (Ikaalinen college of crafts and design ) to study Graphic Design and whilst some of the things I had already studied on my own, it was a valuable experience to me as a person. I made great friends and broadened my horizons even further and now as my studies continue again on a solitary path, I believe I can and will be the inspiration to others that I dream of being.

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