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Sunsets & Serendipity

A painterly piece of a D&D character enjoying a quiet moment between adventures. Procreate mitzuliina 2022

The Hermit

Character design practice. Procreate mitzuliina 2024

Kissing behind the barricades 2020

Example page out of a calendar that I formatted for a client. I was given free range on all the details and layout, as long as it was quirky and had room to write in. You can get the calendar from! Indesign (MacBook Pro) mitzuliina 2019

Memento Mori 1

A part of a planned sticker set. Procreate mitzuliina 2022


A postcard design of a deer and a squirrel Procreate mitzuliina 2022

World map

A fantasy world map for a clients DnD campaign, both in illustration and as a rough topomap. Procreate, typography in Photoshop mitzuliina 2020


"After spending lifetimes, watching all the stars. At some point i forgot. Was it they that were truly falling? Or was what I was seeing, really the sky at all?" Procreate mitzuliina 2020

Golden Creature

Procreate mitzuliina 2024

Honey Mandala

A custom mandala based on the customers original character who is a beekeeper. Procreate mitzuliina 2022

Sweet potato

A painterly sketch done for Fiships of their character Sweet potato for Artfight 2021 Procreate mitzuliina 2021

Character sheets

These are some fan characters designed for the world of Steven Universe, a cartoon by Rebecca Sugar. Procreate mitzuliina 2021

Lavender woods

An exercise in mood and lighting. Even though the style itself is a little rough, I like how it feels. Procreate mitzuliina 2020

Tangeled up

A piece for an ARPG called Strudel Cafe, of how my main character tried to tend to some trellises. Procreate mitzuliina 2020


A warmup on making a more graphic image. I admit the typography needs work but as a practice I am quite pleased with it. Procreate mitzuliina 2019

The Hollow

An alternate tarot card. This would replace the Tower in a classical deck. Procreate mitzuliina 2022

"A cat named Rollo" cover art

This is the cover for my selfpublished comic, a short two-week project where I collected and cleaned up strips of Rollo and published them as a booklet in Helsinki Comic festival. You can get the full comic from me via the get in touch form! Mixed media mitzuliina 2019

Rollo comic example page 1

An example page from my selfpublished comic "A cat named Rollo" Procreate mitzuliina 2019

Rollo comic example page 2

A page from my selfpublished comic "A cat named Rollo" Ink and watercolor on watercolor paper mitzuliina 2019

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